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inlingua Athens
Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών

Κωδ. Αδ. ΕΟΠΠΕΠ: 2305632

Σταδίου 7, Σύνταγμα
Aθήνα, Τ.Κ. 10562

Τηλ.: 210 -
32 14 414

Ωράριο λειτουργίας
Δευτ. - Παρ.:  10:00-21:00


inlingua License

Global strategy and contacts, balanced with local proximity to the customer - this perfect combination of vision and action characterizes the inlingua system. Certified according to the international quality standard ISO 19990 (learning services for non-formal education and training), inlingua International is a global leader in the field of language services. A Swiss company founded in 1968, inlingua has helped millions of clients at more than 300 language centers located around the world.

Business chance

The inlingua network always has room for more partners. Together we aim to continuously improve the art and practice of language learning - for the individual benefit of each inlingua licensee. Join us in this unique and successful business, become an inlingua licensee. 


With inlingua you will not be starting a new venture alone. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our global network offers. The inlingua method, materials and trademarks will make your business stand out in the market, offer value to your target clients and ensure that you profit from your investment. inlingua's headquarters and your colleagues from all around the world are ready to offer support.


Make inlingua the right choice for private language learners as well as companies, organizations, associations and public authorities. With inlingua you always have the right solution to respond to the needs of your customers. Every inlingua licensee is an independent entrepreneur and takes the necessary steps to ensure success in the local market. inlingua expects its licensees to act professionally, recognizing the importance of maintaining high standards and offering quality service to succeed. inlingua licensees commit to provide language training according to the successful inlingua method and to buy and use inlingua materials exclusively. Before an inlingua license is granted, every potential licensee is asked to provide a detailed business plan.


The strong brand of a well-known global leader and excellent provider of language services helps strengthen your local business. You will have the advantage of our unique language learning method and an exclusive wide range of learning and teaching material. The vast amount of know -how gathered within the inlingua network will be an important source of support. You have the guarantee of a protected license area. No other inlingua language center will be allowed to operate where you do business. As a licensee you will enjoy these benefits and more while you maintain your independence. By actively participating in the network's activities, you help determine the future of inlingua.

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