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inlingua Athens
Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών

Κωδ. Αδ. ΕΟΠΠΕΠ: 2305632

Σταδίου 7, Σύνταγμα
Aθήνα, Τ.Κ. 10562

Τηλ.: 210 -
32 14 414

Ωράριο λειτουργίας
Δευτ. - Παρ.:  10:00-21:00

inlingua Virtual Classroom

Flexible online courses

Our Virtual Classroom offers a unique face-to-face e-learning experiences. Take an online language course with one of our experienced teachers and learn and practice at your convenience.

Virtual Classroom allows you to learn everywhere at anytime

Whether you would like to study at home, during a business trip or while on vacations: The Virtual Classroom is ideal for students who would like to remain flexible - independent from fixed times or locations.

Our Virtual Classroom is an attractive alternative to a classroom environment. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice a language without being physically present at a local center. This option works like a face-to-face webinar where you are able to interact with your trainer and other students in a dynamic environment. In addition, the platform inlinguanow offers a large number of e-learning exercises that match your level and includes extras such as dictionaries and grammar books. All you need to participate in one of our Virtual Classrooms is a computer with integrated audio and webcam.

Business or general courses

Do you need language skills for everyday communication or for specific business purposes? Our courses include a wide range of business and general language programs dedicated to your specific topics and needs.

Conversation or standard classes

If you want to improve your overall language skills or enhance your speaking skills - inlingua has the right online solution for you.

Standardized and customized courses

Our standardized Virtual Classroom courses range from beginner to advanced levels. We also offer customized classes. Take our placement test to find out which level is right for you.

One-on-one or small groups

Limited size groups ensure a positive and effective experience. This is why we offer individual training as well as groups of up to four students.

This is how you can benefit from our Virtual Classroom

1. Whether you decide to take a group course or a one-to-one class, you will always stay with the same trainer and the same group.This leads to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and your trainer will be able to give you continuous feedback. Other options to evaluate yourself include periodic tests that track your progress.

2. In your Virtual Classroom you will benefit from our inlingua method with specially trained language teachers while profiting from the advantages of online-teaching. As much speaking time as you need is guaranteed!

3. Unable to participate in a scheduled online course? No problem! Our Virtual Classroom can be adapted according to the needs of each student and provides flexible scheduling.

4. inlingua has language learners from all around the world. Learners who select an open Virtual Classroom group course have an opportunity to meet co-learners from other countries with different cultural backgrounds. 

5. Learning in the Virtual Classroom is an efficient (speed and quality) and cost-effective way to practice and learn a language.

Make your language training convenient, engaging and more fun than you thought possible!

Contact us for further information or to book a Virtual Classroom today!

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